The IV Glove difference

The IV Glove is a single use and disposable adhesive free IV securing system. It uses an FDA registered anti-bacterial anti-microbial silicon glove that easily attaches to the patients hand. Our patented S-Clip mechanism secures the tube of the IV preventing movement. The transparent protective shield allows medical personnel to inspect the IV without disruption.

It is significantly more cost efficient than other short-term peripheral IV replacements. Its passive and non-invasive system protects from accidental impacts and tampering reducing the risk of accidental dislodgement or movement.

IV Glove Features :

Curvature science.

Spill guard.


Silicone padding.

Raised and clear inspection dome.

Silicone padding.

Curved surface.

Universal IV line securement.

FDA Registered.

IV Glove Benefits :

Facilitates infusion of fluid, blood products, medication or blood sampling.

Helps preserve patient vascular access.

Ensures continuous IV Placement.

Assists in minimizing IV dislodgement, vein damage and muscle soreness.

Improves patient comfort level throughout the IV Therapy.

Increases clinician satisfaction and workflow efficiency.

Current Problem

Many different reasons can lead to accidental dislodgement including:

  • Confused patient
  • Patient physically removes IV
  • IV catheter tape or securement is loose
  • Patient moving around in bed with tangled tubing
  • Patient going to bathroom forgetting IV is attached
  • Patient hair growth or perspiration lifting dressing
  • Bed transfer of patient

Key features of the IV glove

High Demand

  • Up to 90% of hospitalized patients will receive IV therapy.
  • Catheter failure rates lie between 35% and 50%.
  • Significantly improve patient experience and satisfaction during the length of their stay
  • Ideal for pediatrics and seniors


  • Equipped with our patented S-Clip mechanism preventing movement or accidental dislodgement.
  • Will protect against light accidental impacts and strain.
  • Features a transparent protective shield that allows for medical personnel to inspect the IV line with minimal disruption.
  • Over 90% of patients felt the use of IV Glove 2.0 kept their IV catheter and tubing more secure during movement.

Cost Effective

  • IV-Glove can significantly reduce costs and lost time from IV Catheter dislodgement and/or complications.
  • Peripheral IV catheter failures and related complications are costly. IV catheter insertion in the United States is between $28 and $35 per patient, per IV insertion.
  • Dislodgement of IV Catheters can cause interruption of patient care, and create lost time and money clinicians.
  • 425 million IVs are used in the United States alone nearly every year. Using the IV Glove 2.0 will reduce that number by 75%, helping save hospitals money.


  • Commonly used tapes and adhesives often result in skin tears and injuries.
  • Adhesive free system that securely attaches to the patient’s hand.
  • IV Glove has an easy-adjust strap for ensuring the proper fit for any size hand.