The Reality of IV Therapy and Current Securement Practices

The common issues associated with current IV securement practices have for too long been accepted as simply a part of the job, an unavoidable reality of clinicians’ day-to-day. Each IV insertion costs between $28 and $35 US dollars (this goes up to $41 for pediatric patients), and as many as half of these insertions fail, resulting in even more time and money spent on reinsertions.

Enough is enough!
It’s time for a new standard of care in IV therapy practices.

iv therapy peripheral iv glove

Let’s do it right the first time!

The IV Glove 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind, single-use peripheral IV securement system.  With the goal to limit adhesive use, improve patient comfort, increase longevity of IV lines, and enhance clinical efficiency- it’s easy to see how this simple, yet effective device will change the way intravenous therapy is both delivered and received.

The IV Glove’s patented S-Clip mechanism provides tubing securement, while the clear protective shield allows for easy assessment of the IV site.  The IV Glove is an FDA-registered anti-bacterial and anti-microbial silicon securement device, ensuring compliance with infection control practices.

Take the stress out of IV securement, and see how the IV Glove is the right fit for your needs!

Save Time & Money

Use our ROI calculator to find out how much you can save.

Experience the Future of IV Securement with IV Glove today!

Significantly more cost efficient than other short-term peripheral IV replacement
Passive and non-invasive system 
Protects from accidental impacts and tampering
Reduces risk of accidental dislodgement or movement
Reduces health risks and medical costs 
Single use and disposable device

Ideal for Senior and Pediatric Patients

For Adults

Curved dome, contouring the hand for greater comfort

For Pediatrics

Adhesive free system that securely attaches to patient’s hand.

IV Sleeve

Can be worn for multiple days, avoiding painful removal of tape on a daily basis.