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*The use of IV Glove is intended for improved intravenous care. The IV Glove 2.0 should only be used in accordance to hospital policies and procedures, as well as the healthcare providers completed e-learning module reflecting the understanding of the device purpose, and application technique*

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Frequently Asked Questions

The IVG 2.0 looks like it only works for the top of the hand, but there are many other insertion sites. Do you have other IV securement devices?

The IV Glove 2.0 is intended for insertion sites on the top of the hand. It is intended for PIVC’s on the hand for most young adults and adults of all ages. In addition to the IV Glove, we also have the IV Sleeve for the forearm, and IV Paediatrics for children.

Can peripherals with extended cannula be used with the IV Glove?

We are currently in the process of developing a model with a higher dome that can be easily used with an extended cannula/secondary port.


Can the IV Glove be used with central line catheter tubing, which are normally thicker than normal?

Yes, IVG 2.0 is designed to work with all IV tubing including 3.0mm and 4.1mm.


Will the IVG 2.0 work with all catheters?

Currently, our model works with most catheters. Our goal is to have models that work ALL types of catheters.


Does IV Glove have a solution for Pediatric and Neonatal patients?

Yes, the IVG Pediatric model is being launched January 2022 along with the IV Sleeve model, and the Neonatal model is expected to launch Spring 2022.

Is IV Glove reusable?

No, IV Glove is intended for single use only

Is IV Glove environmentally friendly?

The IV Glove 2.0 is made with 100% recyclable materials.

Is IV Glove looking for partners/distributors?

Yes, please contact