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IV Glove Products

IV Glove 2.0 (Adult)

The IV Glove 2.0 is a single use and disposable adhesive free IV securing system.

It uses an FDA registered antibacterial and antimicrobial silicone glove that easily attaches to the patient’s hand. Our patented S-Clip mechanism secures the tube of the IV preventing movement.

The transparent protective shield allows medical personnel to inspect the IV without disruption.

IV Glove (Pediatric)

Designed with some of our smallest warriors in mind, the IV Glove Pediatric promises comfort, stability and protection.

Say goodbye to painful tape and messy IV wraps, and experience the future of improved intravenous care.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties assist against potential invaders, while the silicone straps provide a comfortable, secure fit for the duration of IV therapy.

IV Sleeve

The future of IV securement doesn’t stop at the IV Glove 2.0. 

The IV Sleeve— just as great as the IV Glove, but made to support vascular access beyond the patient’s hand. Designed with the same comfortable silicone, this IV securement device provides comfort, ease of visibility, and stabilization.

FDA registered featuring antimicrobial and antibacterial properties- the IV Sleeve transforms IV therapy and maintenance for the better!

Experience the Future of IV Securement with IV Glove today!


Significantly more cost efficient than other short-term peripheral IV replacement

Passive and non-invasive system 
Protects from accidental impacts and tampering
Reduces risk of accidental dislodgement or movement
Reduces health risks and medical costs 
Single use and disposable device